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Trading Harmful Chemicals for Nature November 18, 2015

Every since I had my son I try to reduce his exposure to harmful chemicals. This is easier said than done. I tried my best to feed him locally grown foods and super filtered water to drink. I have decided to rid my house of plastics and replaced everything with glass. I put away all my non-stick pans and only cook all my food in cast iron, but I still used a ton of harmful chemicals to clean my house.

I was introduced to Young Living essential oils a few months ago. I decided to purchase a starter kit and give them a try. I am very science based when it comes to phrase “natural.” I believe many things we think are “good” for us are a marketing scheme. I went into the essential oils with this same mind set. Thus, the reason for this post. I am trying out all the different products and will give my honest unbiased review of them.

I am 3 months in and I have had a chance to try many of their products and have come to LOVE most of them.

My FAVORITE product I have purchased from them is the Thieves Cleaner. Note: the cleaner doesn’t come in the starter kit but you do get a small bottle of the Thieves oil in the starter kit. The story of this oil is inspired by the legend of four 15th-century French thieves who formulated a special aromatic combination composed of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals they used while robbing the dead and dying and they did not get sick. Kind of  a creepy story but it is awesome oil to use to protect yourself this winter.

First off, I purchased this cleaner not knowing it is super concentrated. You use a couple of caps full of the cleaner and mix it with water for an all-purpose cleaner. With help from Pinterest, I learned I could use a empty Perrier water glass bottle and a spray top for any old cleaner to make my mixture. I no longer buy any cleaners from the store. This has replaced them all. It also made a ton of run under my sink where I had tons of different cleaners from bathtub to oven. Now I have one bottle now and it honestly doesn’t even go under the sink. I leave it on the counter because I use it all day long! I give this product an A+


If you want to purchase this cleaner I can purchase it for you at my cost, $22, or if you want to learn more about getting your starter kit check out this link

Or go to to learn more about essential oil