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It is Friday! March 25, 2011

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When you work in an office setting, Friday tends to be a small holiday that everyone celebrates every week. Everybody walks around saying “good morning, it’s Friday!” and “today is going to be a good day because it is Friday.” I love Fridays as much as the next person but I don’t see the point to get all wound up about it. I recognize it means tomorrow is the weekend and no work, but I think there are better days to get eager about. In my eyes Friday’s come and goes and there will be another one next week and the next and the next… I do celebrate Fridays around 5:00, quitting time, not in the morning. I never have been a morning person anyway. What I do like mainly about Friday is Friday night, this is when we get to go out with our friends and not have to watch the clock to make sure it isn’t getting too late.

My preferred day of the week is Saturday! On Saturday, I get to sleep in and then do as I please the rest of the day. I like doing outdoor activities on Saturday like: hiking, taking the dogs to the park, working in my garden or in the yard anything to get me outside. The weekends are favorite days because this is when I get to spend the most time with Phil; even if we are just running errands and doing mundane tasks we are still getting to spend time together. To me Saturday is a lot better than Friday, because on Friday I still have to wake up at 5:30, work out, get ready, and go to work all day. By the time I get home it is turning dark and time to cook, clean, and go to bed. What is your favorite day of the week, Friday or Saturday?


Life is good, kind of March 9, 2011

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I’m sitting here watching the rain pour down outside the window of my work and started to think about something one of my friends stated earlier this week. She said that she “was happy where she was in life.”  This made me reflect, am I happy with my current position? I had this life plan; I was going to go to college and get a great job, make lots of money and live happily ever after. The dream crashed when the economy did.

I did get to go to the school I wanted to, University of Tennessee, and studied the subject I loved, logistics; however, once I graduated college I couldn’t find a job. I was still working the job that helped me pay for school in the first place. I was a vet tech with a business degree. I was feeling horrible about myself. I searched for jobs high and low for about 1 year until I found my current job at Whirlpool. Sounds good to say, “I went to UT and now I work for Whirlpool”, right? No, I currently work as a temp for Whirlpool and make 1 dollar more an hour than I did before college. Sometimes, I wish I never went to school then I wouldn’t be in all this debt from student loans and credit cards but then realize that that is my greatest accomplishment in life so far. Yes, I haven’t found my ideal job yet but I am still glad I did what I did. I still am searching and will not give up until I find what I am looking for, but until then I have to budget my money and save every penny I errand. College was not all bad the best thing I got from the experience was. If I never had gone to school I would have never met him. Phil will graduate this May with an electrical engineering degree and I pray that he doesn’t end up the same boat as me.

Other than my career, I am very happy where I am in life. I have a great soon-to-be husband and a pleasant home to live in. I have family and friends that love and care about me. Life is good. I may not be the business women I intended to be but I am hoping this is just part of my life plan and that everything will work its way out in the end. Until then, fingers crossed.


What is the worst job you’ve ever had? February 4, 2011

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I wasn’t sure to post today or yesterday so I went to the postaday2011 where they give you ideas on what to write about.   This topic wasn’t the one chosen for today but I liked it better.

I worst job I ever had: was at Payless Shoesource in Turkey Creek. I needed to get a part-time job to help me pay for college  and this was the only thing I could find. I was hired on the spot, and was asked to work after my classes were over in the afternoon.

My first day, I wouldn’t be out on the floor working but instead I would be taking tests on a computer in the inventory room. It was dark and cool in the back of the store and there was only a computer, from the 90’s, and all the stores shoe inventory. I was thinking, this is great I’m getting paid to do nothing. I finished my tests really fast and just sat there the rest of the time. I was starting to get a headache but thought it was just my nerves. I took some pills and sat and waited for my break to come.

By the time my break arrived, my head was pounding! I called Phil and told him how I was feeling and that I really just wanted to go home. He laughed and said that I couldn’t quit on my break on my first day. He was right, I finished the day and went home to sleep it off.

The next day, after classes were over I jumped in my car and heading to Payless. I was feeling a lot better than yesterday. I got off the interstate at Lovell Rd. As a sat at one of the 4 red lights, I noticed a woman in a SUV beside me wasn’t pay attention to what she was doing. When the light turned green she just  started coming over in my lane, running me off the road and on to the sidewalk. I wasn’t sure why but my car just stoppped. I turned the key and thank goodness it started back up. I was a nerves wreck. I looked up just in time to see the women drive off.  I honestly don’t think she ever saw me. When  I got to work, I called Phil to see if he would come check my car out. I was worried about having to drive it home. Once he arrive he said it looked fine and he didn’t see any reason that I shouldn’t be able to drive it. Great, I was happy to hear some good news after the week I was having. I went back into work, and with in 15 mins of starting to take more tests my headache arrived, again! It wasn’t just a dull aching pain like most of my headaches. This one was pounding. I barley could focus on the computer and any noise I heard made me sick to my stomach. I finished out my shift, barely, and when home yet again to sleep it off.

The third day, I couldn’t do it. I called into work and told them my car wasn’t working right, lie, and that I wouldn’t be able to return to work for 2 weeks. Of course, they couldn’t have me out that long and she said she would have to replace me.  I was happy! I’m not sure what is was, but I can no longer stand the smell of new shoes!