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Wedding Update March 11, 2011

Wedding update: I haven’t posted in awhile about the wedding and its growth lately. Today’s post is to enlighten everyone what we have accomplished in the past few weeks. Each week we are getting closer to the BIG DAY and I can start to feel the butterflies starting to build up in my stomach. Last week, we booked 2 photographers from Waldorf photography. We were starting to get concerned since a lot of the good ones were already booked for June 4. To Phil and me, photography was one of the most significant parts of our wedding because once the wedding is over and all the guests have left all you have is your memories and pictures. I was so happy to be able to place a check mark next to that box. We plan on doing the engagement photos sometime in the beginning of April once everything starts to bloom.

Next check mark went to music. We now have booked our DJ for the reception and booked Erick Baker for the wedding ceremony! This is my favorite local singer! This honestly made our wedding my dream wedding.

Now we are still working on getting the invitations and tasting a few more places for the catering. We have decided on BBQ but have one more place to try before we book Famous Dave’s. I also need to find a good baker for the cake. I have found one but haven’t done the tasting yet. Still a lot of work to do but now it is starting to feel real. Less than 3 months to go!


Stressed Soon-To- Be Bride! January 28, 2011

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Oh the joy of weddings! Planning one is not what I thought it would be at all. I have numerous ideas in my head about the prefect day will play out. However, everyday it fades a little more and more. My dilemma is that I have too much input from other people. Most are telling me what I should do and shouldn’t do. Then some will even do things without asking my opinion. I just sit there in a daze 90% of the time not knowing what to say or do. I spend hours researching and finding the ideal things for the big day and when I share it with others they put it down or say oh the is nice … BUT you should do this and not that. I know they are just trying to help me out.  I have 2 dissimilar types of families planning this wedding. My mother, on one hand wants to do everything DIY to make it more affordable. And, on the other hand my new in-laws want everything to be fancy and “nice.” No one actually cares what I want. I feel like I want to pull my hair out and scream at the top of my lungs however, I doubt anyone will even turn their head.


Life gives you cake January 25, 2011

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Planning a wedding is no easy task. Some women eat it up and plan it even before the event of a boyfriend or a ring occurs. Here I am 1.5 years after the engagement and still I do not have the very basic of needs of a wedding. So, I am going to take baby steps. First: Cake. I have looked around online went to one cake tasting and have one this Friday. This is not an easy task. I thought I want a 3 tier cute cake. There are way too many options. I think I have decided that I want red velvet and vanilla white as the flavors.  But now what will it looks like? I have found 2 cakes that I really like. Just don’t know what to do?