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Living Healthier on a Budget April 18, 2017

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On the Zarb Homestead I am growing my garden and growing my little ones too. I decided to make a change this year and try to get back to nature as much as possible. I started with ridding my house of “stuff.” My goal was to get rid of 80% of the stuff cluttering my house. I have been working weekly to achieve this with my goal of one (or more) trash bags out of my house per week. I am about 30% there but I will continue to my 1 bag rule weekly and hopefully end up with only have what is truly needed. I use the 80:20 rule. We only use about 20% of the stuff we own and rest is just stuff. Anyways, I decided since I am the gate-keeper to what comes into my house, and I am very picky since my deep clean, I want to my sure it is as healthy as possible. I also want to make sure it is good quality too, buy-it-for-life products are a big item on my shopping list. Junk out-good stuff in, but on a budget. I mainly purchase only organic food and organic on most of our “other” items. I have been researching each item I buy to find out if it is easier, or cheaper, to make it or purchase it. If I +purchase it I want to find the best at the best price. I thought I would try to share what I find weekly with you all. Take it or leave it, no worries. I am in no way paid to do any of the reviews and I pay for the products myself.

My journey starts at Trader Joe’s, aka poor man’s Whole Foods, I go weekly here to grab 80% of my grocery list. If you have never visited this place, close your computer and go right now but it is that awesome! My 80:20 applies to food too. 80% good healthy and 20% fun food. Let’s start with fun: Trader Joe’s Joe Joe’s! My husband has an Oreo problem and they are a must have in our house. They have been replaced with JoeJoe’s and we are not looking back. I honestly think Oreos are just okay, which is great for my waist line, but JoeJoe’s are amazing with real vanilla creme filling….yummy! Plus, they have special flavors throughout the year. Our toddler is also a big fan, which speaks volumes if this kid will eat them, he hates everything! I don’t recall the exact price but I think they are $2.99


Next is the healthy, but still delicious, Trader Joe’s Broccoli & Kale Slaw: A Complete Kit. My friend served this at dinner one night and now I am hooked. It is a crunchy blend of shredded broccoli stalks, shredded kale, and shredded radicchio. Packaged separately in the bag you’ll find dried cherries & dried blueberries, and crunchy, roasted sunflower seeds & slivered almonds. The traditionally tangy cole slaw dressing is just the right combination of flavors to wrap the veggies, fruits, seeds, and nuts together to create a unique salad. Inside every bag there are ample ingredients to make side salads for about three people. I make it about an hour before it is to be served. It only cost $2.49! 



Project 365: Week 40 October 8, 2012

Sorry, I am late yet again on my post for Project 365. I have been a busy little bee lately trying to get ready for our trip to the Bahamas this Friday!


I forgot to get a picture on Monday but here is an extra from 2 weeks ago.


Going to work early in the morning, I saw the Moon hanging out with its friend Jupiter. It is very small looks like a star but it is there.


Been waiting forever for this movie to come out! We went and saw it opening night, so good!


My first time trying to make my own smoothie.  It was really good!


Homemade Banana Bread muffins, yummy!


WE went and checked out the new Trader Joes in Knoxville. Here are a few of my goodies.


Octoberrrrrr! It is cold out. Had to pull out the heater. I think Mr. Mal was happy about that.