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Circle G Ranch July 25, 2013

We took my parents to Circle G Ranch for the first time a few months ago and sadly I have been so busy I haven’t been able to blog about it yet. This place is starting to get pretty poplar to the locals and I think this is mainly due to it always being on Groupon for 50% off. We went on a pretty weekend day, and so did everyone else. There were a lot of people there thus meant all the animals were not that hungry and many didn’t even come up to your car. Some did near the middle and the end  of the drive and of course the stupid Emu that I can’t stand was hungry. It wasn’t good as it has been for me in the past but I’ll have to go again soon.

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Me Raising Children September 29, 2012

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Well, I hope it isn’t this bad.


Lil iFFy: Wizard Rappers?!? August 17, 2012

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My husband and I went with some friends to The Well in Knoxville. They have live music or some type of event every night and this Thursday night a friend of a friends band was going to be playing, so we thought we would go support some local music. I have never have been to this place and really wasn’t sure what to expect. The place was in a mini shopping, upper scale, mall and all the surrounding shops had already closed for the night. We walk up to the door and there was a man sitting in a chair checking ID’s and taking money. It was $5/person to get in the door and you had to be 21 to enter. Once you enter the building, you walk down fleet of stairs and you feel like you are walking down into a basement. that was a little creepy. It was dark with some dim lighting, rap music blasting, and place had an uncomfortable feeling to it. To your left was a stage, in front a bar, to the right bathrooms and a smoking den. I didn’t feel very safe at first but after being there a few moments I settled into the environment.

I had no clue what kind of group was playing that night and later found out the the band was called Lil iFFy and they were rappers who rapped about wizards. You read that correctly, Wizard Rap. Everyone thought this was perfect for me since I LOVE Harry Potter. Ha, not so much. They get on the stage around midnight and I noticed first of all there are way too many people on the small stage. There were maybe 8 or 9 plus a DJ and they are all dressed in 80’s neon colors and carrying big poles that I guess were their wands. They had shirts on that said “Ask me about my Wand Core?” I wasn’t sure how this had anything to do about Harry Potter but I am opened minded and gave them my full attention once they started.

The show begans, and the”rapping,”  I honestly couldn’t understand but only a few words. Every other sentence I would hear the word Muggle or Wizard but I could not understand the reference. Later, I found out their style of music is called “Angry Harry Potter Rap.”  I guess some people really like that type of music because they seemed to have a small fan base that were singing along with them and wearing Gryffindor hats in their support for the group. (I happen, by chance,  to be wearing my Deathly Hallows earrings at night. I made such that I kept them covered with my hair the entire night) I will say the DJ was good and the music had a good beat however the “rappers” were horrible! I don’t think I have heard music that bad ever, and my brother has been playing hardcore punk rock for over 10 years. I took a video because I knew no one would believe me about them.

I am not a big Rap music person, so maybe I am being a little critically on Lil iFFy but I will let you all decided. To me, this music is a disgrace to Harry Potter and should never be played again.

On a funny note: A friend tried to give them some advice and insteed of being thankful they were jerks to her so her boyfriend took off  with the fat guys, whose belly keep peeping out from under his shirt all night, huge wand (you can see it in the video, he is on the right of the stage) and put it in the flowerbed at the street 🙂

What a night!


Project 365: Week 22 June 3, 2012


I watch them way too much


Went to the Farmers Market In Market Square on Wednesday


Rode my new bike to Walgreens and rented this movie from the RedBox. Great movie by the way.


My anniversary idea


Stormy day


Got my wish. Blog WIP


Double Date night


Heidi Cat’s Favorite Toy May 30, 2012

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