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Project 365:Week 8 & 9 March 10, 2013


Ice Bears Hockey Game


Won Tickets to Side Splitters on my Birthday


Birthday present: Galaxy leggings


Got a little bit of snow on Sunday 3/3


Got a hoop to get in shape for summer time


Trip to Coral Fish fish store. This is their “pet”, he is a puffer fish


It has been super cold in Tennessee. Here are the cats snuggling. I felt bad to make them move where I could make the bed.


Wearing my new socks


Trying a new recipe


Strawberry shortcake


Got a new table. I didn’t notice until now that the cat is also checking it out


Received my socks from the Reddit Gift Exchange


Our boarding pass to the Tennessee Riverboat


Trying out my new Harry Potter socks


Project 365: Week 46 September 9, 2012


Enjoying Boomsday on Sunday


Hubby playing games on the iPad with my snuggle bug.


Happy Birthday!!!!!


Playing with my camera settings 😉


My new tattoo. The Tree of Life – Darwin


I never win anything, but this time I did!


Double date night


25th Birthday March 4, 2011

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March 2 is the 61st day of the year (62nd in leap years)  in the Gregorian calendar. There are 304 days remaining until the end of the year. So stated by Wikipedia, however to me it is my birthday and this year it happens to be my 25th one.

The day started off great. I walked into work and my co-workers had decorated my cubie with banners and balloons, (the silver kind not the latex ones due to me deathly afraid of them).




And when I arrived home theses were waiting for me, from Phil



Phil’s gift to be is very particle because it is something I have needed for sometime now. I needed new pet clippers. The ones I have purchased over the last few years have lasted for a few months and died. I need to buy some new ones because I tend to do pet grooming on the side and I  haven’t been able to due to not having the resources. So, he ordered me the prefect ones.


My soon to be brother-in-law brought this by. A great end to a prefect day!



Malachi’s 8th Birthday February 24, 2011

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No, I didn’t have a doggie birthday party, which isn’t a bad idea, but my little boy did turn 8! I sound like a mom but it seems like yesterday he was 2. We have had a long journey in life starting back in 2005. Our first day: I was looking for a dog back in December and came across an ad in the paper for a Yorkshire Terrier that was 2 years old. Prefect, small and adult dog just what I was looking for. I called the number in the ad  and they stated wanted $275 for him due to him just going to the vet and getting all the shots done. It was around Christmas time and what would be a better gift than a dog. So, I ask Phil if he could be my present, and he agreed!

I was doing a lot of research on the breed before I went to pick him up. I was finding out things like what they “should” be like. Google states that the ideal Yorkshire terrier character or “personality” is described with a “carriage very upright” and “conveying an important air”. Though small, the Yorkshire terrier is active, loves attention, very overprotective and should not show the soft temperament seen in lap dogs. I was in for a surprise when I first met this little guy.

I leave work and head to Knoxville to get my new pet. I was super excited! I had to met them off Clinton Hwy at a streak house restaurant and my car couldn’t get me there fast enough. Finally I made it, there was the an older couple in a SUV waiting on me. First question I asked was what his name was. Simple normal question right?  Wrong, the poor thing didn’t even have a name. How can you have a dog 2 years and not name him. They stated he was a stud dog and they were retiring him. WOW, I was stunned and didn’t know what to do. I really didn’t want a stud dog I wanted a cute little pet but I couldn’t let him go back to the no name owners. Then they got him out of the SUV, I was sold after I first glance. He didn’t look like the Yorkies I had seen online, he really didn’t even look like a Yorkie. He had short hair, a tail, and floppy ears. They handed me his AKC papers, I handed them the check, and they were on their merry way.

I was still happy that I got the little guy but I still had to come up with a name. I was looking at his papers and it had his name listed as Malachi The Little Dream Maker. That was way too long and cheesy. I just shorten it and today he goes by Mal Mal. Next, my goal was to make the raggedy dog look true to his breed. I let his hair grow out and got him groomed every 2 weeks.Results below. Second picture is him with his old friend Doodle the poodle

Today, he is truly my best friend. Even though his hair has changed and his eyes are turning blue, he still acts the same as the day I received him. Everywhere I go there he is, literally . He has been by my side since day 1. It hurts more and more every year around this time because I know his is getting older and soon he will no longer be with me, but until that day comes I want to enjoy each day we have!

Happy Birthday to my little man!