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About Me January 25, 2011

Hi, I’m Sheena and I was born and raised in East Tennessee.  I moved to Knoxville after high school to attend the University of Tennessee. There I studied Logistics and Marketing. I graduated in 2009 with BSBA.

In 2004, first day of college, I met the love of my life, my husband Phil. We currently have 2 children, Oryon (O-rye-on) and Jasper. On our small urban homestead we have 10 chickens, 2 dogs and a cat.


I work part-time as a Vet Tech and full-time as a mother of 2. My husband is an Electrical Engineer and is also an avid mountain biker. Our oldest is a heart warrior who was born with CCHD (Critical congenital heart disease) and required life saving surgery at 2 days old. We stay busy with weekly appointments and therapies along with his biggest supporter, little brother. We try to live the simple life and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.



3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. listen2thea Says:

    Very adorable furry family you have there! 😉

  2. Sheena Says:

    Thank you! One day we may add a child 😉

  3. Marie Says:

    Sheena you are a good and loving person who is much wiser than your years. I bless the day my Grandson met you and realized what a gem you are. Love Grams

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