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Baby Bump: 9 Months (Plus Heart Update) October 23, 2013

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Baby Facts

  • Length: We should be 20 inches long
  • Weight: 6 lbs 8 oz
  • What’s is new: Lots of changes this month. We got the news that our little mans heart didn’t grow as much as it had last month. We were sent to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital for another echo. They agreed with the pediatric cardiologist in Knoxville and said it would be safer to deliver in Nashville. I am going to be induced in a few weeks and the plan is to watch him once he is born and see if his heart can keep up with his little body. If not, then they are going to do a procedure to open his forman ovale in his heart to help out the left side. If this doesn’t work then we are looking at heading down with the first of the 3 open heart surgeries, Norwood Surgery. On a sweeter note: I am busy moving about and I spend most of my time “breathing” and “sucking.” I have lots of hair and some fat rolls.
  • Movement: He isn’t doing flips and turns anymore but he is kicking and punching all day long, plus many sleepless nights. He takes up most of my abdomen and is curled up in a ball ready to make his appearance.
  • Growth: We had a large growth spurt last month. This month we leveled back out and are back on track for his age. Still showing about 1 week ahead of normal but that is no big deal. The doctors say ultrasounds can be up to 2 weeks off and plus or minus a pound.

2013-10-19 at 18-05-17  2013-10-19 at 18-02-152013-10-19 at 18-14-33

Mommy Facts

  • Weight Gain: 32 lbs. No weight gain this month.
  • Stretch Marks: I must have good genes because I still don’t have any stretch marks yet. We still have a couple weeks to go, figures crossed.
  • Craving: Coffee and Cokes, not really sure why. I am not giving in too much.
  • Symptoms: Back Pain still is the worse. My ribs hurt and my legs hurt and I get heartburn if I eat, bend over, or take tums. I’m not too comfortable these days.
  • Looking Forward:  The next few weeks. I am nervous what it may bring, the good and the bad. Looking forward to my second baby shower on the 2nd. Lots of planning ahead of me.



3 Responses to “Baby Bump: 9 Months (Plus Heart Update)”

  1. I just read your post about your initial diagnosis, and it took me right back to the moments of my own son’s diagnosis. Corey (who is 8 now and an A student who plays baseball), also has a single ventricle defect. Like you, I went in for my 20-week ultrasound with nothing but excitement. Would this beloved first baby be a boy or a girl? And like you, I had my dreams shattered. I wish I had a crystal ball back then. I wish I could have seen the little boy he is today back then. The 3-stage reconstructive surgery path is a hard road, but it is worth it. I’ll never forget it. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Marie Stader Says:

    Hang in there!!! You and Phil will do great no matter what happens. We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the shower on the 2nd.

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