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Baby Z’s Baby Shower September 18, 2013

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Last Sunday was Baby Z’s first baby shower and he was “showered” with countless gifts. I was super energized and even purchased a new dress for the occasion. The dress came in merely 2 days before the big event, it had me on pins and needles if it was going to arrive on time or not. I have never had a baby shower before so I wasn’t sure what to do. I have attended as a guest to several so I kind of knew what to except. The Safari Theme shower was thrown by my husband’s step mother and with help from her sister-in-law in her home and it turned out great! She went out of her way to make it very special.

photo (3) photo (9) photo (8)


I was surprised by the turn out. There were many people there whom cared about my little man enough to spend some of their weekend at his baby shower. Sorry, I don’t have pictures of everyone who was there. I will have to get them from my father-in-law. There was great food and fun games. We played the “don’t say baby” game or you lose your necklace and a fill in the blank nursery rhyme game. I only got 7 out of 25. I guess I need to brush up on my nursery rhymes before Baby Z arrives because I had no idea who the three men in the tub were.

photo (6)  photo (1)photo (7)photo (2)


Gifts! Wow what can I say but thank you! I am not one to except anything from anyone and I work hard for what I have and I know others do the same. For the guest to shower my little man with such wonderful heartfelt gifts is amazing to me.  It is very humbling to me. Again, thank you to all my friends and family that attended. Your gifts and attendance meant the world to me.

photo (5) photophoto (4)


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