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World Record Holder – ME! August 28, 2013

Last year I was a part of a worldwide Secret Santa gift exchange via the website Reddit. For those who are not aware of event, it is where people from mostly the United States, but also many around the world, are secretly matched up with someone in order to buy them a Christmas present. The person can provide as much or as little information about themselves as they want. They do not know who their giftie is. They will be matched up with a different person to send a gift to, thus being totally anonymous.

The person I got randomly matched up only gave me this information; “I love anything that has to do with the American Flag and/or cats. I love unusual/unique t shirts (size medium). I also like anything reddit/meme/rage comic related.” This was going to be a hard one to buy for. I had to get creative, I got him a cat shirt, I wish I had a picture of it, some Reddit sticker and a cat toy. The goal is to spend a minimum of $20, but you may go as high as you please. I ended up spending around $30 plus the cost of shipping.

Once the person receives their item, they post pictures or write a little about what they received. My person unfortunately did not post any pictures but did write this little note; “The cat t shirt was great, in fact I’m wearing it right now. The reddit sticker is awesome and the little cat toy is great too. Couldn’t have asked for anything better from a secret santa.” It makes you feel good that they got and liked their gift.

Not everyone match is completed. Some people never receive their gift due to many reasons but the main one is their gifter did not send it. If you are feeling in the holiday spirit then you can sign up to be rematched with someone. You will not receive a gift but it makes you feel good about yourself to give to someone who sent their gift but never received one in return. I was one of those people but I was lucky enough to get rematched. My rematcher sent me this sweet note “Hello there. Don’t worry I got this” and he/she did.  A few days later a received my gift in the mail!



My giftie stood me up and someone was nice enough to rematch and send me an awesome gift so I signed up and did the same. This time my new match was just as hard as the other to buy for. The only information he gave was “Hi, my name is Gavin and I am a recent college graduate. I love technology and i am a little bit of an audiophile. I am a redditor, but I am a lurker because I feel like I do not have anything interesting to contribute.” What did I get this guy? Well, I sent him some Star Trek Slippers that made tribble sounds when you walked in them from 🙂 I thought it was a great idea but he never posted anything about them until about a month later I received this message “hey, shoulda sent this a while ago but thanks for the awesome gift! I was ACTUALLY thinking of buying some slippers because hardwood floor during the winter is.. ew. I come home after a day of work to find a package with slippers. =D Totally made my day. I hope your SS gave you something awesome. If not, at least you have made my Christmas pretty awesome.Take care!!”


Reddit was trying to beat to their own world record from last year and we did!  For secret santa 2012, we now hold a new Guinness World Record for 44,805 participants successfully completing the largest online secret santa game! Just think about that for a minute: 44,805 internet strangers from 130 countries put their faith in one another and exchanged gifts. It is a big deal and I was part of that. Below is a sample of the reward I can receive in the mail but unfortunately it is $25 plus another $13 to ship so I am going to pass on ordering it since we have the little one on the way and money is tight right now.

Here is my Guinness World Record Award for 2012!

World Record Holder


3 Responses to “World Record Holder – ME!”

  1. Marie roberts Says:

    Great idea and sounds like fon.

  2. katyhancock Says:

    Oh my gosh that sounds like the coolest thing! The presents you thought of seemed to be spot on and the time turner makes me want to burst out smiling; I just finished rereading the third book 🙂

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