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Thunder Snow in the South January 24, 2013

It went from 70 degrees and sunny to low 30’s and snowing in the matter of a few days, really. I live in South Knoxville and I have renamed it the Bermuda Triangle because once bad weather hits East Tennessee it destroys South Knoxville. On 1/13/13 I got stuck 4 times on the way home from work. I am not one to drive in the snow but I can and I do well in it but I just DO NOT like it. When I left work, I called my husband, who works is West Knoxville, wondering why he hasn’t called to check my safety and he said it wasn’t even snowing there, crazy. By this time we already had 3 inches of snow and it was still coming down hard. I told him to head home ASAP but it was already too late. Traffic was starting to back up and the interstate was not moving. It took him 3 hours to drive home, should have been 30 minutes on a normal day.

There really wasn’t a hurry home because we had lost power at 5:00 pm and did not get in back on until late the next night. It was freezing in the house, well not technically it was 47 when we awoke the next morning. We passed the time by playing some board games and trying  to stay warm. We had to pull out the ski gear to stay warm. I slept in my long underwear and a coat, it was a long night. The worse part of the past few days was that the saltwater tank got too cold and the 2 clown fish and some corals did not make it. I thought our star fish was also a goner but he defrosted once the tanks was up and running again. He however did lose one leg but it will grow back in time. The dogs did enjoy playing the snow and it was nice to see everything covered in white but I only like it if the power stays on.

They are calling for more snow and ice tonight, joy.

DSC_0001 DSC_0009 DSC_0013 DSC_0016 DSC_0025wpid-IMAG0864.jpgDSC_0017 DSC_0018 wpid-IMAG0863.jpg


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