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Amish Farmer’s Market June 29, 2012

Every other Wednesday my friend Maria and I go to the Amish Mennonite farm in Englewood, TN to get fresh produce at their farmers market. This is a very inserting place to visit and I would love to share with you a little bit about this community market.

We start our day early because it is about an hour and fifteen minute drive to Englewood from Knoxville and you want to be there when it opens to get the best picks. We take Hwy 411 the whole way there and it is a boring drive, mostly farmland the whole way and hardly any businesses. You will see a sign that Farmers Market on the right about an hour into the drive. At the second traffic light in town turn right and follow the homemade signs that lead the way to the farm. You will be on a narrow road and you must go slow due to horse and buggy also use that road for travel. Once you reach the farm there is a small stand set up where the women sale their breads. Behind that stand is a small pond where they go swimming (fully clothed in long dresses) I could not image how heavy that must be but interesting to see.  You continue your drive up the drive way and on the right is another small stand where the milk, eggs, and cheese is sold. There is a small cooler and you help yourself. You pay by putting your money in a wooded box; I guess they have a lot of trust in people. Drive about 100 feet more you will arrive at their produce building.


The building is simple but nicely built. It is built mostly of wood and is very open to let the air flow. On the right side of  building you may see farmers bringing in produce via horse and buggy, so the produce is always fresh and just picked. As you enter the store there is a sign on the outside that says you should be properly dressed. They ask that you don’t wear strap tops or low cut shirts out of respect. We always wear tee shirts and longer shorts, no big deal. You enter the store and they have rows and rows of produce, anything you want (that is in season) they should have it. They even have canned goods like honey, jams, and dill pickles. Outside on the deck, they have picnic tables for sale and also plants for your garden.  You can also pick up homemade lye soaps or homemade brooms or if you are market for farm animals they have a bulletin board that advertises chickens for $2.00 or kittens for $5.00. The workers there are always nice and helpful. The prices are great and we always end up spending more than we plan. Here are some pictures from this week’s trip.




They obviously have no phone or electric so there is no computerized checkout. They have an old fashioned cash register and they have most of the prices memorized. They only take cash for obvious reasons so stop at a ATM beforehand.

I didn’t take pictures of the market because I didn’t think it would be proper but it looks a lot like the photos below.


Project 365: Week 35 June 25, 2012

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Biking Ijams on a hot summer day


I planted my sweet potatoes


This cat at work just made himself at home.


Phil helping his mom find a bike


This is where Mr. Rascals cage should be. Sad to say he is no longer living with us but has found a new family to call home.


Even my fortune cookie gets me


Spent all day cleaning the back patio.


Bill Nye “The Science Guy” June 21, 2012

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I was watching TV a few days ago and they were interviewing people asking who their childhood hero was. Who was the person they looked up to as a child and wanted to be most like? I honestly have never put much thought into that question. Whenever I was asked I would always say Mom or Dad. Not saying that is a bad answer but that is what ever child normally says or some sports figure they look up to. So, I started thinking about who was my hero and I finally found the person I looked up to the most as a child. The person who I would say I wanted to be most like was Bill Nye. I know, I know, I am sure you are thinking “the science guy,” yes that guy. I loved that guy as a child and he made me love science or maybe I loved science and that is why I like him so much, I don’t know. Either way Bill Nye was my guy.

I remember as a child I was always involved in anything that had to do with science. I even won the state science fair in kindergarten. I still remember my project; I displayed and explained the life stages of a butterfly. I remember how proud my parents were of me. My dad even took me around his work showing me and my award to his coworkers. From that year on I NEVER missed a science fair and I always won some type of award in everyone I entered.

The thing I loved about Bill was he explained science so that everyone could understand it. You didn’t have to be a science nerd to understand how wind is created or the theory behind evolution. He always made you want to change the world to make it a better place to live. I guess that is why now I am a tree hugger but I don’t think that is a bad thing. I still look up the Bill Nye. I saw where he was giving a speech at a college and I so badly wanted to attend. He is still very activity in the science community. I saw him on CNN explaining climate change and he still explained so everyone could understand it.

So hats off my childhood hero Bill Nye.

When writing this blog all I could think about was the dang theme song to that show 😉

Here is a video on You Tube about his house and how he lives. I think it is interesting that with all the money he has he still lives in a small home and tries to make his carbon foot print on the earth smallest as possible.


Project 365: Week 34 June 19, 2012

Sorry I am a bit late on this post. With Fathers day I just didn’t find the time. Better late than never I guess.


Having drinks and playing pool at Barley’s


cute 😉


My friend and I went to the Amish Farm


My anniversary card


How sweet



Our new bonsai tree

Went and saw That’s My Boy for Fathers day. Very funny movie but a little but dirty. Everyone loved it.


Project 365: Week 23 June 11, 2012


My spider bite is finally healing


My anniversary flowers


Saved 31% my record high is 40%


Somebody is about to get a bath


Maya downtown for Bark in the Park After Dark.


Rainy lazy day


My husband still riding on the bike trainer


My Anniversary Gift June 5, 2012

This was my anniversary gift from my husband. It isn’t the most romantic gift but it is my husband. I own a road bike (well owned I sold it on craigslist last night) and I wasn’t too fond of it. I like the light weight of it but I hated that you had to stay on asphalt. SO I started looking for something that could do both and I came across the hybrid. It is light like a road bike but has suspension  so it can handle the trails. I had 3 bikes in mind The Trek Neko (my favorite until I road it), the Specialized Ariel and the Giant Roam 2. The Giant ended up being the better deal and the most comfortable. Now I have to get into better shape where I can hit the trails again. If you are looking for a great hybrid I recommend this one for women (there is also and men version)  below are the spec of the bike.



Roam is designed just for women with a lightweight and reliable ALUXX aluminum frame. The large-diameter 700c wheels offer increased stability and smooth rolling over the rough stuff. And its trail-worthy features-including front suspension, which can be locked out on smooth roads, and powerful brakes-ensure that you’ll always be in control.

  • Shimano Acera 9-speed trigger shifting
  • Avid BB5 disc brakes
  • Giant Sport alloy rims, disc specific
  • Sizes: XS, S, M
  • Color: Black/Metallic Teal


Sizes XS, S, M
Colors Black/Metallic Teal
Frame ALUXX-Grade Aluminum
Fork SR Suntour NEX 4610 w/ Mechanical Lockout, 63mm Travel
Shock N/A


Handlebar Giant Sport Alloy, Low Rise, 31.8
Stem Giant Sport, Alloy
Seatpost Giant Sport Alloy, 30.9
Saddle Giant Sport Trail, Women’s
Pedals Steel Cage


Shifters Shimano Acera
Front Derailleur Shimano Acera
Rear Derailleur Shimano Acera
Brakes Avid BB5 Disc
Brake Levers Tektro 4-Finger
Cassette SRAM PG 950 11×34, 9-Speed
Chain KMC HG53
Crankset Shimano M391, 26/36/48
Bottom Bracket Shimano Sealed Cartridge


Rims Giant XC Alloy, Double Wall, 700C
Hubs Formula Sealed, 32h
Spokes Stainless Steel
Tires CST 1272, 700×40


Our Anniversary at The Circle G Ranch June 4, 2012

I love the first picture of this blog mainly because I was the one who took it and I think it turned out great! The story that lead up to that picture is that today is our 1 year wedding anniversary and we wanted to do something over the weekend to celebrate. The problem was we couldn’t think of anything that was different and new, something we have never done before. I started looking  around online but couldn’t find much then I thought about how we would always go to Half Off Depot and pick something new to try and half the price, so I let my figures lead the way. Under the entertainment tab was the Circle G Ranch, a drive thru zoo. I passed it up at first and looked at all the other things to do but nothing sounded good so I came back to it. I wasn’t sure what to expect from their small description so I checked out their website ( and they had great reviews and everyone seemed to love it so I purchased the tickets in hopes it would be fun.

We arrive on Sunday, the ranch is open everyday 10-5, around 2:00 and we pull into a small gravel road off a small country road. We see a medium signs that says Circle G Ranch, and when you look around you see animals walking around and it had that private small family business feel to it. I honestly felt like we just drove onto the set of We Brought a Zoo. There was a small adimissions window where you paid and got your buckets of feed, since we had the coupon we just handed it to him and he gave us of 2 buckets and some information about the place. We pull into the drive thur ranch with our windows down and pellets in hand not knowing what to think. First animals to greet us was the Zebras and an Emu. They are poking their heads in the car wanting treats and there were like 4 of them. I honestly got a little scared and rolled my window up and after a few seconds rolled it back down and stared throwing the pellets. Here is a video of the first few minutes into the ranch.

As you drove around the loop which was about 3 miles long you meet a lot of interesting animals that are nice and interested in your treats. There are over 500 animals at the zoo and many I have never seen before. Below are a few pictures of some of the animals we got to meet. FYI the beanie eyed Emus scared us both, they are freaky.

You are allowed to drive thru a second time at no extra cost, so we purchased another bucket of food for $4 and made the loop once more. At the end of the drive if you make a left you will enter the petting zoo (which is included in the ticket price) and there you get to meet and feed some more of the animals. By far the zebras and the lamas were our favorites but all of  the animals were really cool. Everywhere you looked there were animals. There was a mother duck and her ducklings walking with a pig and her piglets and no one bothered them. They passed under the camel below and the camel never came close to touching them. I took loads of pictures here are a few at the petting zoo.

The trip was way better than expected and honestly we had a blast! I couldn’t have asked for a better place to enjoy our anniversary and we are making plans to visit again and take our friends and family.